Transportation at Shibuya Station

Here, we will explain the transportation system at Shibuya Station.

The best terminal station in Tokyo

Shibuya Station, which has many lines such as JR, Tokyo Metro, and Keio Electric Railway, is a huge terminal station that is used by more than 220,000 people every day.

JR runs the Yamanote Line, which runs in a circle in the center of Tokyo, the Saikyo Line, which runs directly to Saitama Prefecture, and the Shonan-Shinjuku Line, which heads toward Shonan. The Tokyo Metro runs the Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line, the Keio Line runs the Inokashira Line, and the Tokyu Line runs the Toyoko Line and Denen-toshi Line, covering all directions.

In addition, there are bus stops at the east and west exits, and local buses to many directions stop.

From Shibuya Mark City, which is directly connected to the station, there are highway buses to rural areas and buses to the airport. From Iwate in the north to Tottori in the south, there are many high-speed buses that run long distances every day. There are two types of buses bound for the airport, one bound for Haneda Airport and the other bound for Narita Airport.