A long-established Japanese sweets shop in Shibuya Ward

Introducing a long-established Japanese sweets shop in Shibuya Ward.

Furuya Koga Otoan

A Japanese sweets shop founded in 1936, the main product is “Koga Oto Dango”, which has an exquisite feeling of freshness. The gentle taste of black sesame and Wasanbon is popular.

Also, depending on the season, we have a wide variety of sweets such as Uguisu mochi , Kashiwa mochi , Mizuyokan, and Kuri Daifuku. The main store is located in Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, but we have 7 stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Kyogashi Seifudou

It is a Kyoto confectionery store with a history of more than 50 years, with a store in Sarugakucho. The old-fashioned simple Japanese sweets that are carefully made are on sale. Mitarashi dango “Karadango”, which is entwined with sweet and spicy sauce, is a product with a spirit of changing its softness depending on the season. We specialize in rice cakes and sweets, and you can also order items according to the event or season.