Visiting museums in Shibuya Ward

There are many wonderful museums in Shibuya Ward. If you want to spend a cultural day, or if it’s raining and it’s difficult to do activities outside, we recommend visiting museums in Shibuya Ward.

List of museums in Shibuya Ward

Bunkamura The Museum … This museum is located in the cultural village of the most famous complex facility in Shibuya Ward. We hold large-scale exhibitions in a wide range of genres regardless of style or age.

The Shoto Museum of Art, Shibuya … This museum is located in Shoto, a quiet, high-class residential area, and is a space that makes good use of unique buildings.

Toguri Museum … The same museum in Shoto has an exhibition specializing in oriental ceramics.

Gallery TOM… The feature of the Shoto Museum is that it has an exhibition where you can touch the works.

Ota Memorial Ukiyo-e Museum … A museum specializing in ukiyo-e. The gift shop’s assortment is also unique.